Shaun hates surprises, especially when he’s representing a business or insurer in a dispute. That’s why he begins every file by studying the materials inside and out, and preparing for every potential twist and turn. After a thorough review of materials to determine the best course of action, Shaun’s clients can count on his honest assessment of their case and his ability to develop strategies that will keep costs down and bring about a resolution as quickly as possible.

Shaun has represented insurers on a range of claims including MVAs, slip & falls, property damage, oil spills and construction damage. When it is appropriate to settle a claim, Shaun does so quickly and fairly. When liability is in doubt, facts unclear, or a reasonable settlement cannot be reached, he is always prepared to stand his ground and advance the file to the next phase. Shaun always engages insurers in the settlement decision-making process and keeps them updated on the progress of a file.

Shaun also represents many business owners involved in commercial disputes, construction liens, debt collection and employment conflicts. He appreciates that many of his clients are new to the legal process and always takes the time to explain the options, risks, potential outcome and costs, as well as the process moving forward.

A fluently bilingual litigator, Shaun was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2014. Since then, he has appeared before the Ontario Superior Court, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, Small Claims Court and the Landlord & Tenant Board and has negotiated on his clients’ behalf at over 75 settlement conferences and pre-trials.

Shaun graduated from the University of Ottawa with a common and civil law degree. While studying, Shaun served as the President of the law students society, was on the law review and was elected a student representative on the University Senate. Shaun has an insatiable sweet tooth, especially for ice cream. When not at the office, Shaun can be found playing basketball, running along the canal or eating cookies at Boko Bakery.