Zoriana is an employment lawyer who combines her litigation experience with proactive and practical advice for employers. Zoriana’s clients can always count on her forthright assessment of their matter. Her collaborative approach ensures clients understand the risks and benefits of the options available to them and that they are an active part of the process.

Zoriana has advised on a wide range of employment matters including constructive dismissal with and without cause, vacation pay, termination obligations and common law notice, race and sexual discrimination and unpaid wages. Her research and drafting skills are matched by an ability to work and communicate effectively with clients and opposing parties embroiled in stressful conflict. She actively guides employers through difficult employment issues with the aim of avoiding costly disputes.

While in law school, Zoriana developed a passion for advocacy while participating in two competitive moots and a negotiation competition. She has legal work experience from both the private and public sectors, including various non-profits, legal clinics, and government agencies.

Zoriana’s interest in the law started with a mock trial in high school when she went all-out with preparations and got a little carried away with her colour-coded tabs and binders. Zoriana’s skills include speaking French, Ukrainian and Polish, as well as painting and drawing. When the opportunity presents itself she can often be found hiking and camping.