2015 Insurance Case Law Round Up (webinar)

It has been another busy year in the Ontario courts for the insurance industry. In this insurance law webinar, Mitch Kitagawa updates participants on decisions from 2015 which will touch upon how files are handled in the future.

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Cases covered include:

Green may not always mean “go”

Sant v. Sekhon 2013 ONCA 623

Does your policy define the word “accident”

Van Berloe v. Aim Underwriting Limited 2014 ONSC 4648

Are interest rates retroactive?

Cirillo v. Rizzo 2013 ONSC 2440 and El-Khodr v. Lackie 2015 ONSC 4766

Brokers Must Explain to Insureds What Perils are Not Covered

Corrigan v. Crain & Schooley 2015 ONSC 3721

E-mail from adjuster constitutes waiver of the proof of loss requirement

O’Byrne v. Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company (Lindsay) 2013 ONCA 543

The limitations period for commercial property policies

Boyce v. The Co-Operators General insurance Company 2013 ONCA 298

Subrogation rights unaffected by insured’s bankruptcy proceedings appealed

Douglas v Stan Ferguson Fuels Ltd. 2014 ONSC 4709

The webinar also includes an update on the new statutory deductibles for bodily injury clams.