Articling Students

Kelly Santini LLP values the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion. We believe that it is a moral imperative that we pursue initiatives that will further these goals within and outside of the walls of our firm. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace is a better, stronger and happier place to work, and adds to the collective strength of our community.

We Don’t Just Want Students. We Want Colleagues.

At Kelly Santini LLP we offer articling students the opportunity to really make themselves at home in the practice of law, with hands-on experience and an open-door culture.
We are looking for well-rounded candidates who are energetic, motivated and can easily adapt to the many different projects that will come their way. In addition to strong academic performance, we consider extra-curricular activities and interests and are generally looking for individuals who will have a good "fit" with the members of our firm.
We value bilingualism, but it is not necessary. The firm usually hires two articling students each year. Articling opportunities are offered in all of the areas of practice carried on by the firm.
Applications are closed for 2021-22 Articling, and we will accept applications for 2022-23 through the viLawPortal during the application timelines set by the LSO.

Articling FAQs

1. What kind of firm is Kelly Santini LLP?

We are a progressive and dynamic mid-sized firm based in Ottawa. We are results-oriented and tailor our services to fit the needs of the individuals, growing businesses and multi-national corporations that make up our diverse client portfolio.  We strive to maintain an energetic environment and collegial atmosphere and everyone is encouraged to participate in the annual ski day and summer party as well as other social activities.
2.  What does Kelly Santini LLP look for in an articling student?
We look for a balance between strong academic standing and extracurricular experience. We value the ability to communicate effectively and are generally looking for a good “fit”. The ability to easily adapt to a variety of assignments and manage your time effectively is essential. Bilingualism is an asset but it is not necessary. 
3.  What will I be doing there (or ‘will I be stuck in the library for the entire articling term’)?
You will carry your own caseload of small claims court files. This means that you will find yourself in court, or involved in court-related proceedings, quite regularly. You will be required to do research for lawyers but traditionally this has not been the major emphasis of articling at Kelly Santini LLP. 
You will also work on corporate/commercial matters, real estate transactions, wills and estate matters. We try to give you as much hands-on “lawyering” experience as possible. 
4.  Do you have a rotation system?
We do not have a formal rotation system. The breakdown of student participation between practice areas is evenly balanced between litigation and business law, but students have the opportunity to weigh their experience more heavily in areas of particular interest to them. You will work with almost every lawyer in the firm at some point in your articles.
5.  Will I have a life outside of articling (or ‘what are the hours really like’)?
To a great extent you are able to control your own agenda that is mostly driven by work volume. This means that you will have the ability to determine your hours of work within certain parameters that correspond to regular office hours. Students are not expected to be in the office until 10:00 p.m. every night, nor should they spend every weekend in the office. Like any profession however, there are times when you will have to work late or work on weekends, but it should not become the norm.
6.  How many students do you hire and what is your hire-back rate?
We usually hire at least two students. The firm always looks first to its articling students when considering hiring lawyers. In the past, we have hired many of our articling students once they have been called to the Ontario Bar. 
7.  Who can I talk to in order to get "the scoop" on your firm?
Feel free to call the office at any time and ask to speak to any of our current articling students (613-238-6321). If you would like more information about articling, or about the firm in general, please contact Madelaine Thurston, who is the articling principal for the students. 
8.  How much will I get paid? 
We pay our articling students at a rate that is competitive with mid-size Ottawa firms.