Getting Back to Work – COVID-19 Employment Law Webinar Recording


In this live presentation, employment lawyer JP Zubec and moderator Mark Sutcliffe answered business owners many employment law questions as they navigate the challenge of re-opening and running their business through the pandemic.

Legal issues that covered included:

  • What steps do employers need to take before re-opening?
  • Can an employer pick and choose who returns to work?
  • Can an employee refuse to come into work if they cannot find childcare?
  • Can an employee refuse to come to work if they fear the work environment is not safe?
  • Can an employee refuse to come into work if they have to take public transportation?
  • Can an employer change the job roles of employees due to the limited staff in the office?


Presented by:

JP Zubec
Employment Lawyer
Kelly Santini LLP

Mark Sutcliffe

Public Figure | Talk Show Host |
Broadcaster | Entrepreneur |
Author | Columnist |
Volunteer | Runner

Recorded May 28, 2020