Random Acts of Kindness – Mitch Kitagawa Honoured for Community Service

Mitch Kitagawa is this year’s recipient of the Gordon F. Henderson Award.  Presented by his legal peers from the County of Carleton Law Association, the award is given each year to a lawyer who has made a significant contribution to the welfare of the community by performing charitable services on behalf of the community.

In supporting the nomination, colleagues, neighbours and strangers all paid tribute to Mitch’s generosity.  Again and again, they shared examples of Mitch hearing their stories of hardship and then coming to their aid without prompting or fanfare.  His contributions have covered all that he has to give.  

“Mitch spent countless hours helping myself and my father….He had no vested interest other than helping two people who were in distress and dealing with a very stressful, tragic situation.  We are forever grateful for the compassionate time and effort that Mitch took to help us out – simply out of the goodness of his heart.”


“I received a call from Liz. She had a friend named Mitch and she was telling him my story and everything that the boys and myself had been threw.  He and his wife were planning on buying a new vehicle and wanted to know if I would be willing to accept their van, as a gift.  I cannot tell you how blessed we are to have him and his family in our lives.  He reminded me that there are good people in the world and to never give up hope.”


“I truly believe there are different levels of volunteers. One such level is that of the outstanding volunteer. He or she brings to the table their personal skills and knowledge along with compassion, caring, commitment, wisdom and dedication.  Mitch is such a person, an outstanding volunteer.”


“Mitch approached us to do the necessary work pro-bono…just a few month’s later, Mitch obtained a civil judgment….He engaged in community action, quietly and unassumingly, which had a positive impact on every member of the school community, owners, parents, teachers and students alike.”

Mitch will be presented with the award at special awards dinner on March 8th. Congratulations Mitch, on this well deserved honour.